ʔaq̓amnik is a small accredited independent elementary school that takes pride in offering a standard BC curriculum with an added cultural program that you won’t find anywhere else!  


We host BC Certified Teachers and Support Staff. Because of small class sizes, we are able to provide personalized education that is tailored to each student's needs. Our extracurricular activities include a running club, swimming program, and regular visits to local gyms for Regular physical activity. We also have a cultural program where all students learn the Ktunaxa Language and Participate in Traditional Cultural Activities. Besides being a great place to come to school, we also offer some practical benefits for students and parents which sets our school apart from all the other schools.  Although we are an Independent school, there are no tuition fees, so parents don’t have to worry about extra costs for school.  We also provide a number of school supplies, breakfast and snack programs that are open to all students, and a standard 5 day school week, with a new After School Club beginning in September of 2019.  We also offer bus transportation to and from school in the Cranbrook area.  

In 2012 we opened our brand new education center, and the same year we celebrated 25 yrs of providing quality education.  Our new center is a two story building with wheelchair access that includes several classrooms, office space, a meeting room and Food-Safe Kitchen.  We can accommodate up to 100 students from Pre-Kindergarten (K4) to Grade 6.  We have an excellent outdoor play space which includes an outdoor classroom, and a new playground.  We also now have a brand NEW Gymnasium!

ʔaq̓amnik̓ is open to students of any culture and ancestry, and our facility is designed to meet the evolving needs of our students and families so that we can provide an enhanced educational experience in a modern and functional learning environment. 

For more information, or to visit the school call 250-489-5183.

Education Objectives (Strategic Plan)

  • Support learners to increase participation in and completion of all levels of educational programs.

  • Teach using Ktunaxa methods.

  • Develop and support Ktunaxa people as teachers and other educational professionals.

  • Expand grades and programs offered in the community.

  • Assert, reclaim and use jurisdiction in education.

Develop excellence through learning, at all stages of life.

School Philosophy

 All ʔaq̓amnik̓ʾs have a right to access equal and balanced opportunity to learn about:

·         Academics (with a focus on literacy and numeracy skills),

·         First Nations cultures and languages,

·         Self Esteem building and problem solving,

·         Life skills (such as nutrition, healthy living and good choices).


 In achieving these goals it is understood that:

·         CHILDREN share in the responsibility for their learning and behavior, and as individuals should encounter both challenges and successes.

·         LEARNING occurs at different rates and in different ways, which the SCHOOL will honor by utilizing a variety of teaching strategies and learning activities.

·         ASSESSMENT and EVALUATION is an ongoing process incorporating a variety of methods, taking into consideration the whole child.

·         The SCHOOL will provide a caring, safe and supportive environment that will accommodate individual differences, develop an attitude and respect for others and encourage feelings of self-worth, pride and respect.

·         Ongoing COMMUNICATION between HOME and the SCHOOL concerning the child’s growth, achievement and behaviors is both desirable and necessary.

·         A positive PARTNERSHIP between the HOME and the SCHOOL should be fostered for the benefit of the child.