Dear Parents and Guardians,

The school will be having a Hot Lunch Day on Monday February 11th. This is a Fundraiser for students to participate in with the proceeds going toward funding Alex’s Outgoing Kootenay Warrior Contest. He currently holds the “Kootenay Warrior” title and will represent at the Standing Arrow Powwow in July. If you have an event that requires fundraising, please contact the school to discuss participating in a Hot Lunch fundraiser.



This Hot Lunch is provided by “Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza”:   

Student’s Name:

1.           Cheese Pizza Combo = $4.00                add another piece for $2.50

2.    Pepperoni Pizza Combo = $4.00          add another piece for $2.50

3.    Hawaiian Pizza Combo = $4.00            add another piece for $2.50

(The Pizza Combo includes a Yogurt tube, a Juice box and a piece of Pizza.)

Students can Add another piece of Pizza for: $2.50



If your child will be participating in the Hot Lunch, please check the box with the option that they will be getting and return it with the money to the school. We will be collecting money for hot lunch every day during the week until Friday.