September 2018 Newsletter

Kuʔǂmak̓aku (September) 7th, 2018


Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are excited to welcome all of our New and Returning Students to the 2018/2019 school year!  There are a few noted changes to start this year off with:

·         First, we are excited to introduce our NEW Principal, Mrs. Eryn Geddes, and our NEW Grade 1 & 2 Teacher, Ms. Brett Rousselle. Parents/Guardians are welcome to come meet Mrs. Geddes and Ms. Rousselle at the school.

·         Second, we will be implementing a new “Fitness Friday” event, where one Friday a month the whole school will be focussing on fun fitness activities during the whole day. The 1st Fitness Friday will be on Friday September 14th. Students should be prepared by ensuring that they bring: a water bottle, non-marking running shoes, gym/outdoor appropriate clothing and “NO HEAT” lunches. Further details about the expected activities and what students should need to be prepared will be sent home before the Fitness Friday.

·         Third, The Grade 5s and 6s will be starting “Wild Wednesdays” this year, where the class will be outside for the entire day. Please ensure that if your child is in the grade 5/6 class, that they come prepared and are dressed appropriately for the weather.

We are sending home “Student Information Verification” Sheets for you to take a look at. These sheets are IMPORTANT, as this is the information that we put into the BC School Database and use in the event of an Emergency. So please ensure that your child’s information, as well as your contact information, is up to date.  If you see any information on the sheet that is incorrect, please write in the correct info. Once you have reviewed and filled them out please RETURN THEM TO THE SCHOOL by Friday September 14th.

While school supplies are provided by the school, students are required to have a set of Non-marking INDOOR Shoes and a set of Outdoor Shoes (students should also have a backpack, water bottle and lunch bag). Please ensure that your child has them as soon as possible. In the event of a fire drill or emergency, students need to be wearing footwear during class to make a quick transition outside. 

The Bus Driver, Mike, would like to remind Parents to Text or Call him at: 250-919-0150 to let him know if your child WON’T be taking the bus in the MORNING. He would also like to remind parents to Call the School before 2:30pm if your child will be getting off at a different stop in the afternoon or WON’T be taking the bus. We are NOT permitted to let students off at different stops if we have not received written or verbal permission from Parents/Guardians. The Final Draft of the Bus Schedule will go out next week, once the K4s start.

We are asking that students PLEASE keep toys/electronics at HOME (we have already had some issues with students bringing personal items from home and using them on the bus, which resulted in a possible safety hazard).

Some students in Grades 4, 5 & 6 will be participating in the District Paarlauf Event at TM Roberts Elementary School on Thursday September 20th @ 2:00pm.  We will be transporting participating students TO the event, but we are asking that Parents please make arrangements to pick up their child at TM Roberts after Paarlauf (around 4-4:30pm). Please ensure that permission forms for participating students are filled out and returned to the school by Tuesday September 18th (Permission forms will be sent home soon). Parents are welcome to attend the event and cheer on our students!

Finally, Students are encouraged to participate in Orange T-shirt Day on Friday September 28th to show recognition for the residential school survivors.

If you have any questions about upcoming events, the after school program or concerns about the transition back into school, you can contact us by:

·         Phone: 250-489-5183,

·         School Facebook Page:

·         School Website:

·         Your student’s Class Dojo account.

Days to Add to your Calendar:

·         Monday September 10thK4s start afternoon classes.

·         Wednesday September 12th – 1st Wild Wednesday for Grades 5/6 (reoccurs every Wed.)

·         Friday September 14thFitness Friday & cut-off for Student Verification Sheets.

·         Thursday September 20th - District Paarlauf at TM Roberts Elementary.

·         Friday September 21st – 1st Pro –D Day of the school year.

·         Friday September 28th - Orange T-shirt Day in recognition of Residential School Survivors.

Ktunaxa Word/Phrase: waqini yamu (Thick Smoke)

Staff List 2018/2019:

K4/K – Ms. Starla Johnson; Grade 1/2- Ms. Brett Rousselle; Grade 3/4 – Mr. Cliff Dorion; Grade 5/6- Mrs. Rebecca Ryan; Ktunaxa Language Teacher- Juanita Eugene; EA- Jess Lord; EA- Nakita Sebastian; EA- Rebecca VanRhijn; Student Services- Tod Lunan; Principal- Eryn Geddes; Receptionist- Marisa Phillips; Bus Driver- Mr. Mike Briggs; Bus Supervision- Harvey Thomas