Dear Parents and Guardians,

 Out of respect for the recent loss of an ʔaq̓am community member, the school has been given instructions from the ʔaq̓am Band Administration in regards to the funeral services on Friday October 26th.


·         The School will remain OPEN on Friday October 26th.

·         The kids will be kept inside the school building for recess/lunch out of respect for the funeral services.

·         If parents are going to be picking up their kids for the services, please use the School Doors, as the doors between the gym and the school will be locked and blacked out during this day (services will be taking place in the gymnasium).

·         Please inform the school if you plan on taking your child out of the school for the services.

·         If parents/guardians ARE planning on taking their kids out for the services, the kids are to be out for the rest of the day to minimize disruption of classes.

·         If parents/guardians plan to keep their children home for the entire day, please contact the bus driver to let him know that he will not be required to pick your child up at their stop. You can contact the bus driver by calling or texting him at: 250-919-0150.


 ***PLEASE NOTE- If your child is participating in the Speech and Language Assessments this week and WILL be attending the Funeral on Friday, please ensure that they will be here on Thursday (tomorrow) to have their assessment done! ***


 Thank you. Taxa.